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Infuse Marketing

Marketing.  Business Strategy. Technology.


A customized and holistic approach to marketing. From high-level strategy to new products and programs through creative tactical marketing programs for small businesses and entreprenuers. Services include product and program development; website and brand development; internet and social media marketing; PR, advertising and communications; creative services; events and partnership opportunities.


Business Coaching

Entrepreneurs and small businesses often need help bringing together their creative ideas into a clear vision and unique value proposition. And from there, develop the strategies, financial picture and practical plans to reach their goals. And finally, execute with confidence, leadership and passion. 


Technology & Marketing Automation

It's essential for businesses to utilize tools to help them do more with less, have data-driven knowledge about prospects and customers, access immediate results to measure success and overall ROI.

As a marketing automation expert, we work with B2B and B2C businesses to evaluate and implement their marketing automation software, build the right internal lead-to-sales processes and integrate into sales and other CRM applications.


Full-service marketing practice serving entrepreneurs and small businesses. A silicon valley veteran and marketing executive with over 15+ years in marketing, finance and technology. 


​Whether building brands, launching companies or products/services, developing products/services or establishing a leadership presence; Infuse Marketing delivers creative, high-impact marketing for your organization. We bring the right vision, strategies, marketing mix and services to your company. 

How are you doing in these important areas?


  • You have a successful, cohesive marketing strategy across all your marketing channels?

  • Your brand is recognizable, consistent and your customers know who you are and what products you deliver?

  • You can easily track and measure the results from your marketing efforts?

  • You know how to nurture leads and get more customers?

  • You've been able to successfully add social media into your marketing mix.

  • You communicate with your customers often enough and are creating a strong loyal base?

  • You know who your ideal customers are and what they want from you?

  • Have you moved beyond email blasting to deliver valuable content segmented by your different customers?

​If you've answered yes to all of these, you are doing great!

​But if you've answered no to even one of these, you are losing money, customers, and opportunities...setup a FREE ONE HOUR consultation.

Are you ready? Contact us

Are you ready to bring your dreams into reality or "level-up" your business, your brand?

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