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A New Gen Approach
Holistic and Customized Method

Each client has different needs. Some more strategic in nature, others more tactical. A common complaint - not enough revenue or customers. Each proposal is customized to fit the client’s needs, goals and budgetary constraints. We focus on strategies and plans that give our clients short-term wins as well as sustainable growth.


Cohesive, Creative and Results Marketing

We never put all our marketing eggs into one basket or the latest marketing "fad'. We firmly believe in a multi-channel approach for best results. We look to establish our clients as boutique businesses, thought-leaders, and best-in-class companies. All our marketing has an out-of-the-box attitude.

Data-driven Knowledge

​Giving clients an understanding of who their customer is, knowing how to attract them, nurture them, close them and retain them is all very important. We have proven tools and processes to help our clients with each phase.


Full-Service Model

We can't be experts in all areas of marketing just like you can't be an expert in all areas of your business. We have a team of professional partners who are as talented, like-minded and customer-service-oriented as we are. Whether in areas such as graphic design, video or website development, we fulfill all our clients needs and keep everything in-house. 

About Susie Cabral
Susie Cabral, Principal 

Phone: 408-202-6902

Prior to creating Infuse, Susie spent 15+ years working in leading technology companies in Silicon Valley and Boston such as Sybase, HP and MarketFirst as a marketing leader building staple brands and delivering innovative, cohesive and high-impact marketing across all channels with a focus on measuring results. 

Susie is involved in many local events, charities and environmental organizations. As a 2016 graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine,Susie weaves these skills into her coaching and creative marketing. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, International Business and Marketing from the University of San Francisco.

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