The Vin Bin, a brick-and-mortar

Client moved to a larger store size and needed to brand and grow customer base. One of their main problems that was also addressed was the cyclical nature of their business. 


We worked on building their strategy and brand as a boutique wine and cheese store with great customer service and educated staff in the areas of wine, craft beer and cheese. We highlighted being the only local vendor with such a wide variety of cheese. We addressed the problem of the cyclical nature of the business by adding academy classes and the cafe as well as specialized events bringing customers into the store again and again. We also focused on a multi-channel approach to marketing with a mix of print and digital marketing efforts. We launched a blog to educate customers and increased facebook likes from 300 to over 4K.


We launched a new website, provided PR and creative advertising campaigns, internet and social media campaings,  small and large events, new revenue programs, launch of two additional stores, introduction of two cafes, ecommerce, and minibrands easily integrated into the company brand.


We built the company into a locally recognized brand, brought other revenue programs to the stores and grew company from a one brick-and-morter to three locations, ecommerce success, cafe success with on-going revenue and loyalty programs.

Bluesky Well-Being, alternative health practitioner

Client, a former Nurse wanted to launch her new business and health care modality. She didn't know where to start, how to talk about her services or build a vision for her business.

We intially worked on how to position this new modality, who her ideal customer(s) and segments were, how to bring in customers and launch her business. 


In marketing, we educated the marketplace and positioned her new modalities and services. We continue to position client with a unique and desireable set of services. Launched new wordpress website, online booking and payment software, internet and social media marketing, creative services, and revenue-generating programs. 


We continue to developing revenue programs including workshops and products, establish her as a talented healer and teacher. 

Centered Seniors, senior and professional programs

Business coaching client coupled with marketing services. Support client with stepping out as a thought-leader in her area of expertise, building confidence in public speaking and getting public speaking opportunities. 


In marketing, identify new business opportunities, launched new wordpress website with online payment, production and lauch of meditation CD, videos and marketing campaigns to promote new business programs. On-going development of new programs, partnership opportunities and speaking opportunities.

Genue, a design App for iPad

Client was developing an exciting design app for the iPad. She needed help creating the market, launch and marketing for the App. Helped client develop Genue full-version product (Genue Pro) and then a limited version of the product (Genue Lite) as first go-to-market strategy. 


Developed market segments and strategies, messaging/positioning, testing of product(s), brand development, new wordpress website, videos for product release, PR for product launch, internet and social media marketing, and identified partnership opportunities. 

The Healing Beyond Cancer

Client wanted to bring together her professional skills and personal triumph with cancer to others. Helped the client bring her one-time online program into a variety of programs based on cancer stages. 


Advised client with strategy for bringing cancer support workshops to various segments, partnering with hospitals, wellness centers and smaller venues.


In marketing, assisted with logo, launched new wordpress website, program registration and online payment for programs and products, PR, internet and social media marketing and product CD launch.

Studio Joy, Nia dance 

Client received her black belt in Nia and wanted to start her own studio, build her classes, bring in more students and establish how to talk about this new expressive arts program as a form of exercise and empowerment through dance. 


We built her logo, worked on positioning and messaging for the brand and type of dance, developed strategic direction and tactical plans to launch the business and studio. Launched the studio, launch party, developed video for people to understand and experience the type of dance, PR and marketing around the launch and increasing student population.

Nicholson Development, commercial real estate development

Client was launching own firm and needed a brand, collateral, website and strategy/positioning work. 


We created the company logo, worked on positioning and messaging for the brand, created all the collateral, strategic direction and tactical plans and new website. Also created a new service, "developer in residence", when the market declined and took advantage of a need that banks had with large inventory of properties they now held, for attorneys and brokers to be able to provide value-added services to their clients.

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